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Wendy's Room

Our Pre-school room is situated on the first floor.
It holds a total of 16 children with a child:staff ratio of 8:1.
Your child will be allocated a new key person who will be your child's main carer.
The Early Years framework continues in this room.
This room has a structured routine enabling the children to gain confidence and independence.
There is a range of stimulating activities and toys, along  with music, singing, sand/water, arts and crafts on a daily basis. 
The children have times of self selection and are encouraged to be more independent. 
They serve thei own drinks and snacks are provided on a rolling basis.
ICT plays an important part in this room, a computer is provided for the children's use with child initiated programmes.
Children learn through play and will gain valuable experiences, understanding and mutual respect. 
This room will help them integrate easier into the routine of school life when they leave us to attend a reception class.

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