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Tinkerbell's Room

Our younger toddlers room is situated on ground floor.
This room holds a total of 8 children, working on a child:staff ratio of 4:1, providing all the children are over 2 years of age. If some children in the room are under the age of 2 the staff:child ratio remains at 3:1.
Your child will be allocated a new key person who will be your child's main carer.  
There is a range of stimulating toys available, a book corner, an area for role play, a comfy corner, along with music, singing, sand/water play and arts/crafts on a daily basis.
Activities are rotated daily and planned for in advance.
Children will be encouraged to develop their langage skills, physical development as well as their personal and social skills.
As your child progresses they will, slowly and at the child's own pace, intergrated into John's room.


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